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Our coconut products have a soothing creamy aroma that will fill your room with tranquillity and having you reminiscing about your last trip to the beach!

Coconut - 300ml Soy Candle

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  • Candles are beautiful and comforting, they can transform an atmosphere into one that is so cosy. They are also a fire risk. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to maximise your safety whilst enjoying your new candle:

    • Always ensure to put your candle on a heat resistant surface. Especially careful with tea lights which can get hot enough to melt plastic. Note TVs are not fire-resistant objects.
    • Make sure you put any freestanding candles such as Pillar, torso candles in a proper holder. Candles need to be held upright by a stable holder so there is no risk of them falling over.
    • Position your candles away from curtains and other fabrics and away from any draughts.
    • Do not put your candles under shelves, there is a lot of heat to a burning candle and it can burn the surface above the candle. There should be at least 1 metre between a candle and any surface above it.
    • Seems obvious, but keep your clothing and hair away from the candle flame – last thing you want is to set yourself on fire…
    • Keep children and pets away from candles at all times.
    • Leave at least 10cm between two burning candles at any one time.
    • Exstinguish candles before moving them, or before leaving a room and never leave a burning candle or wax melter in childs bedroom.
    • Finally – triple check your candle has been completely extinguished. Candles that have been left smouldering have known to start fires.
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