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Clearing the channels between your heart and throat chakras and allowing you to speak from the heart with clarity, Aquamarine is a beautiful stone that will assist you in speaking your truths while calming emotions meaning you can approach conflicts and situations as your highest self, from the heart and not from the Ego. Cleansing your mind, refreshing your emotions and face life with wisdom, clarity and intellect. When your mind is clear of conflict, and your conscious is clear of regrets because you have handled things in your highest manner, you will notice how you glow differently, how much easier it is to welcome good energy towards you and manifest your desires.

Amethyst has an abundance of energetic uses from maintaining a state of calm, positive energy to aiding the subconscious to connect with energies at a higher frequency than normal. Intuition is one of Amethyst’s strongest energies helping us to make the right decisions in life based off feeling’s that simply can’t be shaken. When it comes to being “woke” as the cool kids say, Amethyst will help with this too by bringing subconscious thoughts to the forefront (prefrontal cortex) so that you can work through them and release them with ease. This is a magical gift for anybody willing to accept change and grow as a person.

Renewing your zest for life and filling you with optimism and positive energy Aventurine provides you with the confidence, strength and courage needed to push forward, take action and fulfil your desires in life. The stone is a propellor guiding you away from your comfort zone and on new adventures taking on new opportunities. And when all those changes feel overwhelming Aventurine is there to reground you and keep your emotional body calm. The stunning green tones of Aventurine demonstrate luck and Aventurine has been used for centuries to assist with manifesting dreams and desires.


Crystal healing stack

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